Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beating the drum for the Tigers

Over the 30-plus years since I departed the place with a journalism degree, I have not closely followed the football foibles and fortunes at the University of Missouri.

Sure, the Tigers have had some seasons of excitement, including an occasional bowl appearance (10 since I graduated, but none a major).

These days, there has not been this much excitement about Missouri football since the 1960s, when Dan Devine's squads made five major bowl appearances -- remember, that was when there were only a handful of bowl games, not a contest every day of the week -- and in 1960 finished undefeated* with a Top Five ranking.

But could that excitement compare with Tiger Football 2007? Considering the national TV exposure these days, it's not likely.

Anyway, though I am a fair-weather fan or Johnny Come Lately or whatever, I am excited about the Tigers' prospects after an exciting 36-28 victory over previously unbeaten Kansas on national TV Saturday night.

Now, Missouri needs another big win this coming weekend in the Big 12 title game -- a rematch with Oklahoma (10-2), the only team to beat Missouri (11-1) this year.

Go Tigers!

* = On the field, Kansas beat No. 1 Missouri in the 1960 game, 23-7, but officially forfeited because it used an ineligible player.

Photo: Greg Bracey of the Missouri Tigers celebrates with fans. (AP).

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