Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful contrasts

Photo: New York University Medical School Asian Students Union.

I ran two mornings out of three this week (Sunday and Tuesday), and the two sites were extreme -- and beautiful -- contrasts.

Sunday morning, running partner Dennis and I strode on the frost-covered flats of Swiss Valley Park, southwest of Dubuque. We were only two of a handful of people occupying the majestic , largely wooded 62 acres.

Tuesday morning, I ran along Chicago's famed Lake Shore Drive, starting north at 800 North and turning around near Lincoln Park. On my way back, the sun emerged from the horizon of Lake Michigan. Even though I was in one of the world's largest cities, with rush-hour traffic buzzing past nearby, the bike-pedestrian path along the shoreline does provide a sense of peace and quiet.

Photo: Dubuque County Conservation Board

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erik hogstrom said...

There is a chance Jill could take a McGraw-Hill position in the Chicago area, which would mean a relocation of the ROUTE 1 WORLD HEADQUARTERS. I have thought what that might mean for our daily lives, including walking with the girls. It sounds like the lake shore would be a good place for that endeavor to continue.