Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When is an air not an air?

OK, I know that the Telegraph Herald occasionally has spelling, grammar or editing errors. More than I would like, even when one considers the volume of copy that is written and edited in a short time period. Even when I don't spot the errors myself, TH readers (usually with great indignation and condescension) call them to my attention.

Which brings me to this message sitting in my e-mail "in" box this morning. This message was unusual because it is so polite:

Brian, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but the footnote at end of Rebecca Christian's article caught my eye Saturday. She is a Des Moines (?) based "righter" ---OUCH!!! Also she may be "preached" at --- OUCH!!! I realize the preached is a legitimate word and could easily get through spell check but not sure about the righter??? Takes some imagination for this one but what type of background does the person have that wrote this?

I DO sympathize with you for the job and headaches you have but just couldn't let this one go by without a mention.

It is also unusual because my correspondent was wrong about our being wrong. She was caught in Christian's snare. Her column topic was mistaken use of words. So, in that spirit, she changed her biographical paragraph to slip in a couple of oopsies.

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