Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weekdays without 'Peanuts'

Today's edition of the Telegraph Herald was the fourth without "Peanuts" on the weekday (and Saturday) comic page.

Once one of the world's most popular comics, "Peanuts" has been in perpetual repeats since creator Charles Schulz retired in 2000. (He died virtually simultaneously with publication of his final episode.)

After more than seven years of repeats, I decided it was time for a change. Peanuts left our daily pages, but, for the time being at least, it will be in our Sunday section.

Usually, if there is reader backlash to a comics change, it comes within the first two days. I received one complaint before the change, after I announced the plan in my column.

After that? For those of you keeping score at home: One complaint. A long-time subscriber (and neighbor, by the way) called to protest Peanuts' departure.

More complaints might come in, but if folks haven't protested by now, they either didn't notice the change or they don't care.

That tells me that it was time.

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