Monday, September 03, 2007

Favorable review

When I noticed that the newest edition of the Society for American Baseball Research's Deadball Era Committee newsletter included a review of my Red Faber biography, I held my breath.

SABR membership roll is full researchers, historians and sticklers for detail and accuracy. What would the reviewer think?

I exhaled when I got to the end of Les Masterson's review. He was quite generous.

If you're interested in the review -- or other articles dealing with major league baseball from 1901 to 1919, here is the publication, in PDF format. The Faber book review begins on Page 5.


erik hogstrom said...

"Red Faber goes beyond the usual historical biography of a baseball player. It’s full of interesting stories about a pitcher who has fallen into the shadows of baseball history. It tells the tale not only of a pitcher, but of his family, hometown, and personality. In his first historical biography, Cooper educates and entertains, and gives the
Hall-of-Fame pitcher his rightful place on baseball lovers’ book shelves."

-- I would call this an excellent review.

Greg said...

A Faberable review indeed.