Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cubs pitch a shutout

I was on the computer anyway, so on Sunday morning I entered the Chicago Cubs' virtual waiting room for National League Divisional Series tickets.

Of course, this is contingent on the Cubs holding on in this final week of the regular season and winning the NL Central. Going into Sunday's games, the Cubs held a 2.5-game lead over the Brewers (2 games in the all-important loss column). The Cubs have lost more "certain" berths in the playoffs, so anything can happen.

Anyway, the virtual waiting room is a Web version of a ticket lottery. If you are lucky enough to have your computer connected to the ticket sellers, you are allowed to pay exorbitant amounts to be on hand to watch the Cubs make another bid for the World Series.

No doubt, there were thousands -- hundreds of thousands? -- of other fans in the waiting room with me. There I "sat" until the notice came up that tickets for both NLDS series games in Chicago were sold out.

I was shut out at the ticket window. I'll get over it.

Besides, I have been at Wrigley to see the Cubs in the post-season. It was in 1984, their first playoff appearance since the 1945 World Series. I saw Chicago defeat San Diego twice (before collapsing in California).

So I'll just have to watch the Cubs in the NLDS on TV.

But I wonder about tickets for the National League Championship Series ...

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