Saturday, August 11, 2007

Overtime vacation

On most Cooper summer vacations, especially when it involved camping (and kids), we tended to come home early.

This vacation (sans children, grandchild or the pop-up camper), not only did we not come home early (non-refundable airline tickets have a way of assuring that), but we came home late. We wound up spending two unscheduled nights in Baltimore after thunderstorms in the East and Upper Midwest Thursday afternoon caused cancellation of our flight. The earliest we could get a flight home was 6 a.m. Saturday -- a full 36 hours later.

Oh well, it's only money. And time.

Actually, despite that, it was a great vacation.

Among the highlights was visiting the Babe Ruth birthplace museum in Baltimore. Though Ruth went on to star for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, he made his professional debut with the Baltimore Orioles (then the name of a minor league team). Locals are proud of his Baltimore ties. This statue is outside Orioles Park at Camden Yards.

I'll post more about vacation (not every last detail -- I promise!) over the next couple of days.

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