Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

My day got off to an early start Wednesday when I attended a continental breakfast meeting celebrating Dubuque winning All-America City status from the National Civic League. The selection was made in June.

A highlight of the program was viewing the documentary produced by Gary Olsen and Jim Barefoot. The half-hour video followed Dubuque's Team members as they planned and prepared for their 10 minutes before the judging panel in Anaheim, California.

It's an impressive production, with loads of behind the scenes scenes capturing the flavor of the effort -- the practice, the excitement of the event (we meet folks from other cities as well) and the energy of the final presentation and announcement of winners.

During the Q&A with judges, the Dubuque team was questioned about its reference to "Midwestern Charm." Why is Dubuque successful. Leave it to someone who is not a Dubuque native to nail the question. Mercy Medical Center president Rusty Knight, who grew up in California, told the judges, simply, that in Dubuque people don't care who gets the credit for success.

If you have some time to spare, check out the full production. Or, get a flavor for it through the trailer.

Either way, get set to be impressed.

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