Monday, July 30, 2007

Soggy St. Louis

On Friday and Saturday, I was in St. Louis for the annual national convention of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Friday was a tiring day -- travel, lunch with a book publisher, book-signings and some symposium sessions. Yet, after some other free-time possibilities for Friday night fell through, I bought a fellow conventioneer's spare single ticket to the St. Louis Cardinals-Milwaukee Brewers game at new (Year 2) Busch Stadium. As a fan of the Chicago Cubs, who are between those teams in the standings, I rationalized that, no matter who won, the Cubs would realize some benefit.

Busch Stadium, just a short walk from the convention site, is a nice ballpark. Unlike the traditional (ie, old) Wrigley Field, it has all the latest electronic features to keep fans informed and entertained.

The game started a few minutes late due to a heavy rain. The sky cleared, but by the top of the third inning a monsoon hit.

That storm passed after 30 minutes or so, and the game was a few minutes from resumption -- when I heard the rumbling of more thunder coming our way. It was at that point -- tired, anticipating another weather delay and without any emotional stake in the outcome -- I decided to bail.

Here is how I watched the resumption of the game, a Brewers' romp over the defending World Champs.

Turns out there were no further delays, and the game ended shortly before 11 -- after I had conked out. The Brewers haven't won since, the Cards beating them twice Saturday and once Sunday.

Anyway, though my ticket ended up costing me $10 an inning, that was about in line with other prices at Busch -- such as $7.50 for a 12-ounce beer.

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