Saturday, July 07, 2007

Good heavens, lots of 7s

We didn't really plan it this way -- really -- but my workout Saturday morning with running partner Dennis followed a particular (and peculiar) pattern.

If you haven't read a newspaper or a calendar lately, you know that Saturday, July 7, 2007, is abbreviated 7/7/07. Some people wonder if all these 7s will bring them good luck. (Since the date is the same for everybody, will everybody experience good luck? That might be pushing things.)

Anyway, Dennis and I made a last-minute change in workout plans and agreed to meet at Heritage Trail in Sageville at 7 a.m. Due to the change in location, I was running a bit late, and arrived a few minutes (7?) after 7.

We intended to run to the Durango point on the trail, a round trip of eight miles, but, according to our elapsed time and pace, we determined that we covered slightly less than eight. Thus, in honor of the day, I entered in my running log a distance of 7.7 miles.

It was a warm morning, even at that hour. Could it have been 77 degrees? Perhaps.

Anyway, wonder what is in store for 8/8/08.

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