Saturday, June 30, 2007

Second coming

After work Friday night, I joined Madame X at a grand opening event for River Lights Second Edition book store, on the southeast corner of 11th and Main.

It's a beautiful shop, under the experienced ownership of Sue Davis, one of the partners in River Lights bookstore, which ended its 17-year run on Dubuque's west side earlier this year.

In a hundred-year-old building restored by John Gronen's firm (read: quality and beauty), the shop features refurbished hardwood floors, newly constructed wood bookshelves and counters (Sue's husband, a professional, did the honors) and an atmosphere that screams "independent bookstore."

An independent bookstore downtown -- in a revitalized section of downtown -- is another feather in Dubuque's cap. Congratulations and good luck, Sue!

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