Saturday, June 09, 2007

Randy (and the Whistler)

Photo by Nicole Cross (c) Telegraph Herald 2007

Madame X and I on Friday evening ventured to the America's River Festival main stage show, where we saw a drunk guy whistle loudly at random moments and annoy and even harass other festival-goers.

Oh, yes, we also saw country star Randy Travis. (That picture is of Travis, not the drunk.) Though I am not a country music aficionado and I was familiar with only a couple of his hit songs, I have liked what I have heard.

Favorite lyric of the night:

Is it Is it sill over,
are we still through?

Since my phone still ain't ringing
I assume it still ain't you

I enjoyed Travis' performance, and the knowledgeable fans in attendance seemed to even more so.

Tonight, we are going back to the festival to see the Doobie Brothers.

I hope the drunk guy doesn't like rock/pop music.

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