Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fascinating Friedl

I have conducted nearly 60 interviews for the Telegraph Herald's monthly Newsmakers series, and one of my longest conversations was with Msgr. Francis Friedl.

That might be because he is the oldest interview subject I've had in the series; Friedl turns 90 in the fall. However, I think the better reason behind the length of our conversation was that he has had so many fascinating experiences in his long and full life.

The son of bakers-restaurateurs, he hitchhiked from Waverly to Dubuque to start college. From there, he became a priest, college president (of his alma mater, Loras College), pilot, author, homily expert, pastor and world traveler.

I look forward to sharing my interview with Msgr. Friedl in Sunday's Telegraph Herald, with a longer version appearing on THonline.com.

Photo (c) 2007, Telegraph Herald.

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