Wednesday, June 20, 2007

E-mail-less morning productive

This morning, my office laptop computer needed a tune-up. While our tech experts did their thing, I found myself computer-less. Now, that might be cause for panic among some computer-dependent individuals (and I feel that I am one of them).

However, a marvelous thing happened. I got things done!

Paperwork tasks that I had set aside until I "had time" suddenly were wrapped up. People I had been meaning to telephone for a week or so received a call. The experience drove home the message that e-mail -- reading, deleting, forwarding, replying, etc. -- consumes an inordinate part of my day and commands too high a priority. It's easy to get dragged into e-mail exchanges, even when the matter is not a high priority.

I've heard of companies establishing No E-Mail Fridays, affecting internal e-mail, as a way to promote better communication in the workplace.

My recent experience might inspire me to schedule myself "no e-mail" segments of the day. Nothing dramatic, but just enough to take a break from the "in" box.

Less technology, more productivity? Could be.

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