Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doobies III

For my third time ever, I attended a Doobie Brothers concert Saturday night.

The occasion was the America's River Festival in the Port of Dubuque. It was a great night (weather-wise), the crowd was into the show (and so too seemed the Doobies). Also, no sign of the Whistler.

I saw this band a year ago, at Wolf Trap National Park near Washington, D.C., and in my opinion last night's show was better. It might have been a little shorter, and perhaps the band cut out some of their more recent/lesser known songs, which was just all right with me.

My first Doobies concert? That was 30 years ago now -- spring 1977 on the campus of Western Illinois University. It was one of my first dates with the woman who now is known as Madame X. And that, too, is just all right with me.

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