Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Baseball reading list

At "All that Jazz" Friday night in downtown Dubuque, an acquaintance who had read my Faber biography asked what other baseball books I might recommend. I'm no literary expert, but I was able to share with him some of the baseball books I've read recently (and enjoyed), plus a couple of "classics."

“Red Legs and Black Sox,” the Edd Roush biography, by Susan Dellinger. Did the Reds also "throw" some games in the 1919 World Series?

“Burying the Black Sox,” by Gene Carney. Examines the cover-up following the 1919 World Series.

“Wicked Curve,” the biography of Grover Cleveland Alexander, by John Skipper.

Deadball Stars of the American League,” edited by David Jones. Short biographies of the early stars, including Faber, Schalk and many of the Black Sox. (Conflict of interest disclaimer: I wrote the Faber chapter.) There is an earlier, National League volume as well.

Then, one can't go wrong with these classics:

“The Glory of their Times,” by Lawrence S. Ritter.

“Eight Men Out,” the story of the Black Sox scandal, by Eliot Asinof.

“October 1964,” by David Halberstam.

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