Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time in the Tetons remembered

Like millions of other folks, our family has switched from a film camera to a digital camera. The Canon ftb 35 mm camera, a college graduation gift from my parents (1976!), had served us well for nearly three decades. Not coincidentally, the first digital we bought was also a Canon.

I came across the old Canon the other day and noticed that half a roll of exposed film was inside. What could be on that roll? I asked the folks in the Hartig Drug photo department (newest store) to get me the answers.

Turns out that the shots were the last (of a few dozen) taken during the trip son Greg and I took to the Tetons Science Schools near Jackson Hole, Wyo. A coupe of dozen students in the Wahlert High School science program attends the school each November. I took a week's vacation and served as a chaperone. Then, Greg was a senior and I was, well, younger. It was the week before Thanksgiving 2004.

Coming across this picture and others -- after 2½ years -- was a fun and unanticipated reminder of a great trip. (However, I will confess that eating a sack lunch outdoors on a snowy mountainside did get a little old by the second or third day).

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