Sunday, May 13, 2007

Four years in fast forward

May 12, 2007: Ellen Cooper with niece Claire.

I know that is cliche for parents to comment on how quickly time flies. Sorry, but I must make that observation after attending daughter Ellen's commencement ceremony Saturday morning at Drake University in Des Moines.

Wasn't it just a year or so ago when her mother and I helped her move into her dormitory the day before freshman orientation? We remember the day well: The temperature reached triple-digits (with nearly triple-digit humidity, or so it seemed) as we hauled Ellen's belongings to the fourth floor of her non-air-conditioned dorm room. (Thankfully, student volunteers helped out.)

Yet, the calendar doesn't lie: Freshman move-in was Aug. 20, 2003.

Fast-forward (really fast) to May 12, 2007. Ellen becomes a Drake graduate. In between those dates, she studied hard, excelled in the classroom, forged wonderful friendships, challenged herself through the Mock Trial program and (last but not least) accepted the offer of a full-time job. Whew!

Yes, time flies. (Especially when you're not the one doing all the homework!)

As a proud Dad reflects on those four years between freshman move-in and senior move-out, he notes that Ellen advanced to an air-conditioned dorm, the weather on depature day was much more pleasant, and moving down five flights of stairs is easier than moving up four.

Most importantly, during those four years, Ellen continued to prepare herself well for whatever life challenges await.

Congratulatons, Ellen!

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