Monday, April 30, 2007

Oldest T-shirt winner?

After our younger son, Greg, competed in a triathlon (swim-bike-run) Sunday in Cape Girardeau, Mo., he sent us some photos.

What his mother and I noticed right away was the T-shirt. Greg competed in the T-shirt he received in his very first competition ever -- 17 years ago.

When he was just 3 years old, Greg wanted to join his older siblings and run the youth one-mile in the Paper Chase, an event sponsored by the Telegraph Herald. Though he was the by far the youngest entrant, and the T-shirt was so long its tail hung out through the legs of his shorts, Greg completed the mile, finishing last with a huge smile across his face.

Yesterday, in his first-ever triathlon (500-yard swim, 15.5-mile bike and 5-mile run) Greg wasn't last and he wasn't smiling. He finished in the middle of the pack and was battling the early signs of heat stroke. But the ragged T-shirt made it through just fine. If only the race sponsors had an "Oldest T-shirt" division.

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