Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dose of culture

I am neither a musician nor a student of classical music. I listen to classics as background music in my office during the day. Nonetheless, Sunday afternoon found me at the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra's finale of its classical concert season.

As sponsor of the weekend's concerts, the Telegraph Herald had several "free" tickets. After distributing a few tickets to other TH staffers, I still had a couple left. Madame X was interested in attending, and I wound up being her date.

It was my lucky day. The performance started with a selection I recognized: The Overture to William Tell. (Think, "Lone Ranger" theme.)

Then, after intermission, the highlight of the matinee was the guest performer, pianist Jung Lin. Again, I am not qualified as a symphony reviewer, but I knew that I was hearing someone special.

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