Friday, March 16, 2007

Get the message

About 15 months ago, I got a new computer at work. Our tech staff set me up, and I went to work. I had noticed that no longer did my e-mail program show me how many messages I had in my "in" box. Oh well. Just a minor inconvenience. Just a curiousity.

Today, while poking around in my e-mail settings, I found the check box that allows me to see the total number of messages -- not just the unread messages.

The answer: 2,623.

Just don't tell the Tech staff. I might be about to crash the network.

This number, of course, does not include all the messages I routinely deleted as junk or no longer needed. These are messages that, at one time, for some reason, I thought I might need to retrieve. Every month or so, I delete a month's worth of messages. These 2,623 messages go back to Dec. 1, 2006, with a few select ones even older.

Would you say some spring cleaning is in order?

BTW, how many messages in your "in" box?

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DMichael Burns said...

Hey Brian,

I happen to save EVERY email that is not spam and, as of 3/19/2007 0500 hrs, I have exactly 40139 emails since 1/7/2005 @ 1653 hrs.

I do this for 2 reasons. One is that I am a beta tester for the GMail program from Google, and two (probably the real reason) is that I am a self-confessed pack rat when it comes to electronic information.

Just thought I would throw in an answer for you.