Thursday, March 01, 2007

A crushing defeat

I'm a fan of oldies music, and fancy myself as being above-average with oldies trivia. I like to 'play along' with the trivia questions on the radio, but rarely try to win the prizes. However, before work this morning, I decided to take a chance with a question on Oldies 107.5.

It was a two-part question, based on several seconds of audio of an early 1970s song.
I immediately recognized the song as "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." No problem there.

Question 1: For what product was this song adapted in a TV commercial?
That was easy: Coca-Cola.

Question 2: What group performed the song?

I thought I knew the answer. Not confident, but confident enough to phone DJ Dick McGrane. I was the fourth and final caller he would take this morning. (Same question tomorrow, by the way.)

I answered the easy half of the question: Coke.

Now, for the clincher, and the chance to win a ballcap: The name of the group?

Mustering all the confidence I could exude -- it was for broadcast, after all -- I replied: "The Treetop Singers."

"Sorry," Dick replied. "Good answer, though." Small consolation.

Wrong? Licking my wounds, I went to Google and found that my answer was close, but no Coca-Cola: "Hilltop Singers."

Of course! The Coke commercial showed the singers positioned on a hilltop, not in a tree! (Later, The New Seekers recorded the song.)

Anyway, if you are in need of fame and a ballcap, phone 107.5 around 7 a.m. tomorrow and reply Hilltop Singers. I won't be calling; I'll still be in mourning over my embarrassing defeat.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see your arrogance take a hit. Maybe you'll be less superior acting to people.

Wirh Hillary coming to town, will the TH, in the person of Mary Rae Bragg, just be a Xerox machine for a Hillary Campaign Press Release or will the TH ownership and management demand that Bragg ask real, probing questions of Hillary?

Brian Cooper said...

Yes, I'm just devastated about it. Because of a trivia question, my Arrogance and Superiority Index is falling faster than the Dow Jones.

Not sure about press availability for Hillary's appearance -- it is a campaign rally, not a one-on-one interview. But send along those real and probing questions, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

1. How can Hillary claim being duped by the President into voting for the invasion of Iraq when her husband had the same intelligence and Bill supported the invasion?

2. The Marc Rich Pardon. Hillary's first senate campaign recieved many big donations before the pardon from Rich through his wife. How can she not be seen as corrupt and easily bought?

There's 2. There are many more. How can you, Bragg, and the whole editorial staff say they are impartial and objective when you can't think of fair, but hard questions for the Democrats, but your have them for the Republicans?

Brian Cooper said...

I didn't say we didn't have any questions. I just wondered, Anonymous, what you had in mind. And what difficult questions did we scheme up for the GOP?

Anonymous said...

OK, How about that stunt the TH participated in before the President's May 7th, 2004, campaign visit (to compare apples to apples) in which an invited TH reporter just happened to be at the right spot in line to "report" on a Democrat staged incident to falsely get a ticket to the campaign event? Did not the reporter use this agitator to ask questions that were thought out before hand to be embarassing to the President?

Brian Cooper said...

Wow. Interesting theory.

We were not in line, but covering the heavy demand for tickets for the president's visit when the gentleman was turned away. Our questions didn't require any preparation or rehearsal; pretty basic stuff. No conspiracy required.

This is an example of the TH asking tougher questions of the GOP?

Anonymous said...

I heard you were wrong again.

Oh, Is Mary Rae going to see how many Independents and GOP are allowed to Talk to Hillary tonight? The Democrats are billing it as Hillary's listening tour. If the people can't talk to her isn't that false advertising?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you were wrong again on the group. Hint: not studio bands.

Brian Cooper said...

Are you referring to the Hilltop Singers vs. The New Seekers?