Sunday, February 25, 2007

The (well, some) reviews are in

In the few months since the Faber biography was released, I have received some nice comments from some tri-state folks and Faber relatives and acquaintances. However, what about other readers? I heard that some reviews had been posted on, so I held my breath and looked them up.


The three reviews were quite favorable. (You didn't think I'd mention this if they weren't, did you?) That scorecard could change, of course, but for now the early comments have been quite gratifying.


erik hogstrom said...

Interesting that one of the Amazon reviewers was born in Dubuque, where he said his dad was a sports reporter for the Times Journal.

Brian Cooper said...

The Telegraph-Herald acquired the Times-Journal in 1927, and the single newspaper carried both names on its flag (Times-Journal name ran in smaller type) for 10-11 years after that. So, my reviewer has to be in the "senior citizen" category.