Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Citizen program rewarding

One of the highlights of my job is coordinating our Telegraph Herald First Citizen Award program.

The highlights of that highlight are notifying the winner of his or her selection and, for the past four years, hosting the public reception for the honoree.

Such was the case Thursday, when some 200-250 people turned out at Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino to honor Norma Denlinger.

It was fitting and ironic that the event, after three years at the now-closed Rafters restaurant, moved to the dog track's banquet room. After all, Norma is a charter member of the Dubuque Racing Association, which made the dog track possible. Actually, the venue was a coincidence. We booked the room several weeks before Norma was selected for the award. (The folks at DGP really rolled out the red carpet when they knew they were helping honor Norma. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen!)

A special part of the program is recognition of previous winners of the award. The turnout was great. Shown standing with Norma are, from left, Eldon Herrig, C.J. Buelow, David Rusk, Larry Friedman, Dick Wertzberger, Hunter Fuerste, Arnie Honkamp, Jerry Enzler, Jan Hess, Bill Kruse and Donna Ginter.

Thanks to all who turned out to celebrate leadership in our community.

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