Thursday, December 28, 2006

'New' Beatles album interesting

I decided to post about one of the presents I received for Christmas. No, I will not write about handerchiefs or flavored coffee, functional and tasty as they are.

The only CD under the tree -- and one appearing on my "Christmas Angel" suggestions list -- was the new Beatles album, "Love." The CD is a remix of Beatles recordings, expertly handled by George Martin (aka "The Fifth Beatle") and his son Giles.

As someone who grew up listening to songs by the Fab Four when they were released four decades ago, now familiar with every note and little background noise, I found this new release interesting and entertaining. Let's face it: Lots of 1960s pop music was formulatic and forgettable, but the musicianship and genius of the Beatles endure.

The Martins' handling of these Beatles songs is genius, too. After all, who else would have thought of mixing into one track versions of "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "In My Life," "Penny Lane," "Piggies" and "Hello Goodbye"?

Unlike the previous "new release" of a Beatles album, "Let it Be ... Naked" (2003), "Love" is a substantial project and one worth the listener's time and money.

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