Monday, December 18, 2006



After nearly 25 years of selecting comic strips for daily newspapers, I think I have figured out why the comics page sparks so much reader reaction.
  • Comics are popular among readers.
  • Readers achieve a comfort level with their favorites. (I feel the same way when a TV show I like is cancelled -- until another new show comes along.)
  • Everyone can have an opinion about the comics, and they can't be wrong.
I expect to receive plenty of feedback over the next few weeks, as the Telegraph Herald makes another change on its comics page. This change is necessitated by the decision of cartoonist Bill Amend to stop writing "Fox Trot" on weekdays and Saturdays effective on Jan. 1, 2007.

Actually, I have to put some thought into the comics lineup. I want a good mix of features, in hopes that at least one of the strips will snare the interest of each and every comics reader.

To that end, I have decided to give "Frazz" a tryout in January. Readers will have a chance to share their opinion about the strip, which features a popular and thoughtful school janitor, through an online poll.

Meanwhile, Amend will continue to do the Sunday "Fox Trot," but is that enough to make it worthwhile? Or should we run "Frazz" seven days a week? I'm sure readers will have their opinions.

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