Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fox Trot creator to cut back

It was a phone call I neither expected nor appreciated.

My Universal Press Syndicate sales representative called to say that Bill Amend, creator of the popular "Fox Trot" comic, has notified Universal that he is cutting back the comic to one day per week -- Sundays.

Amend, apparently, wants to devote time to screenplays.

Worse, the change is effective Saturday, Dec. 30. After that date, Peter (left) and Jason Fox, will not appear in the TH Mondays through Saturdays.

That doesn't give me much time to identify a replacement strip.
Further, I will need to decide whether to keep "Fox Trot" on Sundays only (I'm inclined to say yes).

Didn't Amend have a contract? Yes. However, Universal, which prides itself on being creator-friendly -- it leads the industry in giving its clients repeat strips to give cartoonists vacations -- also gave Amend an "out" clause in his contract requiring little or no notice.

Why is it that the creators of the most popular strips are the ones who bail? Bill Watterson ("Calvin and Hobbes") and Gary Larson ("The Far Side") were two who "retired" prematurely.

The comics page is not my No. 1 concern. However, it is a high-interest feature for many readers, and we want to have a fun variety of features for them.


Kate said...

The comics page IS my #1 concern and this is horrible news!!
At least Get Fuzzy and Pearls before Swine and Frazz are still here. You should get Frazz as a replacement, it's kind of similar to Fox Trot (both have kids and intelligent humor.)


or maybe add another one panel comic strip: real life adventures.


Whatever you do, don't add Blondie.

erik hogstrom said...

I vote for "F Minus."
Click on the link and go back and look at some of the previous days' work.


Anonymous said...

Lio! Lio! Lio!

Billy O. said...

Wow! That's a bummer. But I salute the fact that he's not just phoning it in like SO many other older strips.

Brian, why not make a New Year's statement by purging all the strips that have been phoning it in or whose original creator has been deceased for decades?

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that the creators of the most popular strips are the ones who bail?" Because they've made enough money that they can AFFORD to!