Thursday, October 19, 2006

To the printer!

Lisa Camp, the managing editor of McFarland Publishers, informed me this morning that my Red Faber biography is going to print today.

Allowing time for packaging, shipping and delivery, books should reach the tri-state area in 2-3 weeks, or, as Lisa said (to play it on the safe side?), "before Thanksgiving."


Kate said...

Congrats, Dad!!

Anonymous said...

Now that you got this done, maybe you can pay attention to important things.

Here is a PDF of a memo the Wisconsin Democrats put out to coordinate their activities with the socalled independent 527 groups, which is against the law.

Now, you complained about half truths, etc. of this campaign season, here's where you and your paper either is proven to only care when you can give the GOP a black eye or if you will put any print behind your actions. Oh the source is actually part of the media, not a blogger. There goes one excuse for dismissing this.

Lyn Jerde said...


I'm sure that both of us have had our fill of this election season, and are counting the days until it's over. So ignore "anonymous" (or instruct him to file a complaint with the proper authorities if he can prove wrongdoing), and accept my congratulations on the printing of your book.