Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Booking it

I've neglected this blog the past week (and no one has complained!), but I have my reasons (excuses).

My best excuse: Two weeks ago today, I received the page proofs for my book Red Faber: A Biography of the Hall of Fame Spitball Pitcher. My publisher (McFarland, of Jefferson, NC) wants the proofs back as soon as possible because it has a press run scheduled on or about October 30. So I need to hustle to proofread all the pages and build an index. I squeezed in a vacation day Tuesday; nights and weekends have not been enough.

The proofs were mailed Tuesday afternoon (whew!), but the index is still going to take some time; I am about one-third of the way through the book. Meanwhile, there are some marketing matters requiring attention.

McFarland emphasizes that the press date is not firm; things could change. However, IF the schedule holds, there should be a finished product by mid-November.


erik hogstrom said...

I never realized authors had to build their own index. I thought there were sub-editors or proofreaders or similarly put-upon people to do that dirty work.

Brian Cooper said...

Building my own index was part of my contract with this publisher. I strongly suspect that big-name authors with big publishing houses don't have to do their own. Something to aspire to: You know you've made it big when you don't have to index your book!