Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday evening on the riverwalk

Dubuque enjoyed perfect autumn weather on Sunday -- and it made for a great afternoon for a stroll on the city's riverwalk. And, after watching the Chicago Bears pull out a come-from-behind road victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Madame X and I went strolling.

We found that the Mississippi Queen was making one of its occasional stops in Dubuque. It's an impressive vessel. Just imagine what the city was like in the 19th century, when these boats plied the river and jammed Dubuque's shoreline.

Meanwhile, it appears that renovation work on the historic Dubuque Star Brewery building is progressing. At least most of those torn-up plastic sheets covering the windows are gone! The structure will be a jewel at the north end of the Port of Dubuque campus.

Tourists, such as those on the Mississippi Queen, pay good money to come to Dubuque and enjoy the beauty along the riverwalk. We get to enjoy it for free! Let's hope that there are several more pleasant days remaining this year for leisurely walks along the Mighty Mississippi!

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