Monday, September 04, 2006

Final exam

My "season" of racing concluded today with the Mississippi Valley Running Association's biggest event of the year, the Benefit Classic.

For me, the Labor Day race is my "final exam" to assess my training during the spring and summer. I might enter another race or two this fall -- the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving is a family tradition -- but they won't be as important to me as the Labor Day race.

I was pleased with my result in the 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) event, exceeding my goals for time and place. Despite being a year older, I was able to cut more than 40 seconds from last year's time. Apparently, my decision last year to sacrifice sleep and run early on weekday mornings is paying off.

No deep message here, except perhaps a reminder about the importance of setting goals.

Today's result will make it easier to roll out of the sack Tuesday when the alarm clock shows 5:30. Wednesday morning might be another story.

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