Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dunking for dollars

Popularity has its price. Or something like that.

On a sunny (fortunately) afternoon last week, I found myself on the hot (or wet) seat. The occasion was the culminating event for the Telegraph Herald/Woodward Communications pledge drive for the annual United Way campaign.

Employees put up money to "elect" five of their peers to go into the dunk tank. You Know Who was one of the five. Later, at the event, folks paid a dollar to United Way for three throws to try to dunk us.

I was much relieved, before taking my seat, to learn that the water in the 500-gallon dunk tank was warm. Still, sitting up on that chair watching all the futility among the throwers, I got a bit chilly by the end of my half-hour shift.

Those who had particularly bad aim and an inability to deal with failure (for example, Promotion Director Connie Gibbs, as shown in the middle photo) took their three feeble throws and then ran up and struck the target with their hands.

The other dunkees were Patricia Tobin, Steve Fisher, Mike Fortman and Dave Kettering (who took these photos). Eventually, all five of us warmed up and dried out -- and raised a few hundred dollars more for United Way.


Greg said...

lookin' good.

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have seen Mark Hirsch go into the drink -- if for no other reason, than to prove that he really is 120 pounds soaking wet.

Anonymous said...

Here's something else that went into the tank, Boondocks:

Liberalism doesn't last.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being in the tank, are you people going to ask REAL questions, or your usual meaningless softballs that are designed to fawn to the candidates you like and not elicit any real infomation to eliminate bad or lying candidates?

Oh, If you had any real reporters, you'd investigate Workforce to find why they aren't finding people real jobs, have a worthless website that allows reposting of jobs that the employers are not filling, and sponsored a work fair where non-professional people were encouraged to come when all the employers there were looking for PROFESSIONAL APPLICANTS.

Then you wonder why you have the reputation as a newsletter for the Democrats and are regarded as fishwrap.