Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Didn't you get the memo?

My Tuesday got off to a rotten start when I was informed that my column (in the print edition of the TH) reported the wrong date for our upcoming fall Vacationland section.

Seems that the publication date was changed from Sept. 9 (the date I reported) to Sept. 16.

Notification of the date change was communicated in an internal memo in late June and distributed to seemingly everyone in our building -- everyone, that is, but the executive editor. I'm usually on the routing list for these "change orders," but for some reason not this one. Over the subsequent two months, however, I thought I might have caught wind of the date change. But no such luck.

It's my fault for going with the schedule I originally received and not double-checking with our folks producing the section, just to make sure there were no changes like these.

The rest of the day, things can only improve. Right?

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