Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prescott party

On Tuesday morning, I watched the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Prescott School.

I emphasize that I watched, because I heard precious little of it. Organizers had no public address system, and virtually every word was drowned out by the traffic on White Street. Veteran school board member Donna Bauerly engaged in a hip-hip-hooray exercise of some sort, but, as someone standing in the back of the assemblage, I can only speculate as to whom the hips and hoorays were intended. In any case I'm sure they were most deserving.)

In any case, the best part of the morning was the opportunity to roam through the new facility. As a former volunteer -- I helped out in Bev Sheldon's classroom an hour or so a week for seven or eight years -- I was familiar with the old Prescott School. (Bev, who retired a half-dozen years ago, attended today's ceremony.) And the old Prescott, try as the staff did to make it a pleasant and effective place for learning, fell embarrassingly short of the mark.

All that has changed. The new facility looks great, and I can't help but believe that it will help students become better learners.

The open house for Prescott is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 24. I you don't have the opportunity to go inside the school before that, plan to attend. After all, this public school came from the public's tax dollars.

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