Thursday, August 17, 2006

Music from under the Town Clock

I don't usually buy my music from a barber shop, but it happened on Wednesday.

Fred's Barber Shop on Main Street (just north of Ninth Street) had a stack of the new CD celebrating the 15th anniversary of "Dubuque ... And All That Jazz," the special summertime music event at the Town Clock. After my shearing, I bought a copy.

The CD features a dozen original songs performed by seven acts that have performed at the monthly (June-September) "Jazz" events in Dubuque, including tomorrow evening's headliner, zydeco star C.J. Chenier.

The CD, a fundraiser for event sponsor Main Street Limited, is sponsored by American Trust and Savings Bank. There are sound clips of the CD available.

For 10 bucks, you can't go wrong with the "Jazz" CD.

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erik hogstrom said...

You will have to remember this posting the next time the Friday Question asks: "What was the last CD you ever purchased at a facility better-known for accommodating customers' hair-care needs?"