Thursday, August 10, 2006

How I Spent My Summer Vacation -- 1

If you're a regular visitor to NewsConference (both of you), you have noticed that I haven't posted for a couple of weeks.

The reason was simple: Summer vacation!

Madame X and I are back in Dubuque, after a week and a half away, during which we camped in Leadville, Colorado, North America's highest incorporated city (10,200 feet). We scheduled the trip -- our fifth or sixth visit, but the first without kids -- to take in the city's annual Boom Days celebration. We camped at Turquoise Lake (pictured) in the San Isabel National Forest, just three miles from Leadville. I now have several items (and many pictures) to post.

Over the next few days, as time permits, I'll have some interesting (and not so interesting) posts about our experiences -- including a tire blowout on I-80 and another nearly close encounter involving a tire.


erik hogstrom said...

Holy cow! No posts for weeks on end, then KA-BLAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!
A blogplosion!
I guess it is to be expected, however, as you were out in the forest.
The steeling sounds good, but do you think most people watch in hopes of seeing a horrific hammering accident?
I think that's why most people watch stock car races.

Brian Cooper said...

A blogsposion it is! I didn't have regular access to a computer for "real time" blogging during the vacation, and the trip provided the activities that provided some decent fodder for posts.

Actually, I don't think most people were there to see hands broken. Some of the spectators seemed pretty knowledgeable about mining competitions. When to move up to a larger steel. When to change places. that sort of thing.

Plus there were other competitions that were less likely to produce broken bones. For example, mucking -- the shoveling of gravel into a small minining car. Or hammering spikes into a wood frame above one's head. Or using a hydraulic jack to drill into the side of a granite boulder.