Monday, July 24, 2006

Three-sport weekend

It was a three-sport weekend for yours truly -- and the ol' body feels it. Saturday morning, in ideal weather conditions, I ran eight-plus miles on Heritage Trail. Sunday afternoon, I officiated a men's adult soccer match. I wore a heart-rate monitor in both activities, mostly to see the comparison, and found that my rate was roughly the same on the trail and on the pitch. Officiating offers some occasions to walk and stand, so the harder (and more productive in terms of heart rate) workout was the trail run.

Sunday evening, a couple of the guys at work organized an informal softball game. After catching my breath from the soccer match, I located my glove and joined them. It was my first softball experience since I had "retired" 22-23 years earlier. To say that I had lost a step would be an understatement -- but it was a fun evening. At least I didn't whiff while at the plate.

Monday morning, I took it easy -- and cut a mile or two from my distance -- and tried to just work out the stiffness. Still, it was one of those weekends that, six months from now, when it is whatever below zero, I'll appreciate even more.

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Greg said...

I think by " ol' " you mean old.