Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Double Eagle

The Telegraph Herald today reported on my friend Ken Furst's rare feat on the golf course: A double-eagle -- or three under par on a hole.

On July 4, he scored a 2 on the Par 5 533-yard 13th hole at Dubuque Golf & Country Club. He used a driver and then holed a 3-wood. A double-eagle is a tougher feat than a hole-in-one (assuming it comes on a Par 3, of course).

I mention all this, so I can run this photo. That's Ken being dwarfed by friend Terry Friedman at our son's recent wedding. Actually, though Terry is tall and Ken is, well, not as tall, the disparity was magnified when I had Terry stand atop a curb.

Congratulations, Ken!

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