Sunday, July 16, 2006

Doing time at The Fort

On Friday I drove to Fort Madison, Iowa, for a meeting of the Iowa Newspaper Foundation, of which I am a board member. The site of the summer meeting is selected by the incumbent president of the Iowa Newspaper Association -- and usually is the president's own community. It's a good way to visit various parts of the state. (The 2005 meeting resulted in my first visit to the Okoboji area in extreme Northwest Iowa.)

Fort Madison -- locals refer to it as The Fort -- is a Mississippi River community with some history and character. It also has trains -- lots of trains.

After the business portion of the day, many board members and guests stuck around for a tour of Old Fort Madison, dinner at Alpha's and a short trip to Rodeo Park, where the community hosted Balloons Over the Mississippi. Instead of flights or competition, Friday night's balloon activity was a "night glow."

After a four-mile run -- too hot and too humid! -- my wife and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at
Ivy Bake Shoppe & Cafe, where Ann enjoyed a leisurely lunch the previous day. We recommend it!

I doubt that we would have selected Fort Madison for a weekend getaway. However, after making the visit, and learning what it has to offer, we were glad we made the trip.

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