Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Weather or not

Update (Tuesday evening):
Sure enough, the nasty weather affected my daughter's travel in the DC area -- She had to exit the Metro train when the authorities shut it down Sunday night. Monday, she was unable to return back to her dormitory and had to crash in an associate's apartment.


I spent four days last week in the Washington, D.C., area, where I attended a seminar. The weather was great -- except for a fierce thunderstorm that started about midnight Thursday -- but forecasters predicted rain for subsequent days.

They were right.

The D.C. area Sunday night and Monday was hit hard by hard rain and floods. Rain resumed there this morning. Rush hour -- no bargain on a good day -- was crippled when parts of the famed Beltway were flooded. The Metro rail system also experienced temporary shutdowns.

I got out just in time.

In January 2000, while attending a seminar sponsored by the same organization, the D.C. area was hit by a crippling snowstorm. We couldn't even ride the shuttle bus the 2-3 miles between our hotel and the conference center, so organizers scrambled to set up the program in the hotel. Travelers were stranded all day (and, for some, part of the next).

Now my thoughts turn to my younger daughter, who is working in D.C. this summer and is scheduled to travel this weekend. Will things dry out by then?

What's the worst weather you've experienced while "on the road" for business or pleasure?


Kate said...

30 degree nights when you're camping with your family in northern Minnesota isn't very pleasant. But otherwise, I think I've been pretty lucky.

Brian Cooper said...

Who can forget the joy of running to the hardware store to buy gardening gloves to help the family stave off the cold!