Sunday, May 07, 2006

Comics of days gone by

On Tuesday, I will publish details about a new comic that will join the Telegraph Herald lineup to succeed a long-time strip.

Recently, while doing research for another project, I looked through back issues of the Telegraph Herald from July 1954. I noted the comics lineup, then researched the longevity of the comic itself. My source was Don Markstein's Toonopedia.

There are some "classics" on this list, certainly, but there are others that, as the dates indicate, enjoyed a limited lifespan.

Here are the TH comics from a half-century ago. The dates in parentheses indicate when the comic was in syndication, not necessarily the period that the TH carried the particular strip.

Twin Earths (1952-63)
Bringing Up Father (1913-2000)
Red Ryder (1938-64)
Blondie (1930-present)
Nancy (pictured) (1933-present)
Vic Flint (1946-56 daily; Sundays until 1965)
Boots and Her Buddies (1924-1960; Sundays until 1969)
Wash Tubbs (officially known as Captain Easy) (1924-1988)
Steve Canyon (1947-88)
Freckles and His Friends (1915-71)
Out Our Way (1922-77)
Our Boarding House (1921-81)
Li'l Abner (1934-77)


Anonymous said...

So what is your beef with the Dick Tracy strip?

Locher is a local boy with ties to the area, and he puts in references to this area in the strip. I've seen St. Donatus mentioned more often in Dick Tracy than I've seen in the TH.

Brian Cooper said...

No particular beef with Dick Tracy -- or Dick Locher, for that matter. Dick Tracy is a serial strip, and serial strips have shown a steady decline in readership over the years. A mention of Dubuque here or St. Donatus there hardly seems justification to start carrying a serial strip, especially one by a cartoonist who is not too many years from retirement. BTW, I got a call the other day from Dick Locher, whose editorial cartoons we are proud to carry.

Anonymous said...

Lio stinks.

It is a good thing another paper offers a service to read user selected strips in custom maed webpages.