Sunday, April 30, 2006

Read the fine print

It has been a few months, but I still feel cheated.

In the bargain rack at a discount store, I found a CD, "20 Best of 60s Rock 'n' Roll." From experience, I was aware that some music companies hire studio musicians to re-record popular songs. Thus, I was cautious.

Nonetheless, I still got burned. Madacy Entertainment Group, from Canada, cleverly labeled the CD case, using the names of the acts that made these songs famous, including Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Troggs, The Animals and even the falsetto-voiced Lou Christie. The folks at Madacy even printed the words original artists atop the playlist. And there it was on the cover: "New stereo recordings by the original artists." I was sold.

After paying $7 or $8 for the CD and popping it my car's player, I congratulated myself for careful shopping as I listened to the opening on Track 1: "Sugar Sugar." Yep, though I don't like it -- does anyone admit to ever liking 1969's Pop Song of the Year? -- there is no question that those are The Archies (ironically, a group made up of studio musicians) in the original version.

However, a different emotion took over with Track 2: "Devil With a Blue Dress On." That was NOT Mitch Ryder. Track 3: "Kicks," did NOT feature Paul Revere and company -- just sound-alikes. And on and on.

I re-scanned the CD cover. Yes, there are the names of the well-known artists next to the titles. Yes, it says "original artists" above the list. Wait. Under the list, in what might be the tiniest type available, appears these words: "All selections are new stero recordings, except selections marked (*) are the original recordings. So, the only artists on the CD who actually recorded the hit are The Archies and The Shangri-Las ("Leader of the Pack").

So, according to Madacy, the "original artists" are so original, we have never heard of them. Except for those, mentioned in the disclaimer, who cut the "original recordings."

Buyer, beware!


Anonymous said...

off topic, but if you read the fine print in EPA laws and regulations, you will find that you can't convert you current car to use E85 if it is not a flex fuel vehicle already.

Just something original for you to chew on.

klcomaha said...

Wow...from the Archies to E85? Very strange. Anyway, this CD looks more like a bootleg than anything else. Unless you recognize the label that's producing these compilation collections, you most likely will get burned.