Monday, April 17, 2006

"Legends of Dubuque"

When I wasn't risking my neck on the Slackline, visiting with family or watching it rain, I spent some of Easter Weekend reading the latest book by Msgr. Francis Friedl. The retired priest, ex-president of Loras College and expert homilist assembled 26 of his homilies at funerals or wake services for 26 notable Dubuquers. It seemed an appropriate time to reflect on the resurrection.

Most of these homilies were delivered in the past 10-15 years. He has officiated at many other Dubuquers' funerals during his more than 60 years as a priest. However, the two dozen chapters in this self-published book give the reader an appreciation of Msgr. Friedl's skills as a homilist.

Two of the chapters are former recipients of the Telegraph Herald First Citizen Award -- Roger Rhomberg and Frank Hardie.

I learned a little something about each and every person featured in the paperback. And I felt fortunate that I had met and interacted with about one-third of them during my nearly 20 years in Dubuque.

"Legends of Dubuque" is a quick read, and a special way to learn more about just a few of the people who have made this city great. The book will be available at River Lights and perhaps other outlets.

I would be honored to have Msgr. Friedl deliver the homily at my funeral. (Considering our ages, the odds are against that. But, remember, God works in mysterious ways. Msgr. Friedl just might outlive me.) My only concern would be that he would use the opportunity to rail against my decision to cut back the frequency of the bridge column in the TH!

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Anonymous said...

Msgr. Friedl is a Dubuque treasure, and I only hope that his eulogist (someday) will be half as eloquent as he has been for others.