Saturday, April 22, 2006


I have not heard much from the publisher of my Red Faber biography, and I'm told that is to be expected. Other authors cautioned me that there is lots of silence after the manuscript is submitted.

McFarland Publishers told me a couple of months ago that my manuscript, which was submitted just before Christmas, will be a fall release.

After sending an inquiry this week -- I asked, "May I assume that no news is good news?" -- McFarland surprised me with a preview of the book's cover. I was happy to see that McFarland's art department showed the good judgment to use the design developed (as a suggestion) by Brian Davis, an artist at the Telegraph Herald.

McFarland confirmed that the book will be part of its fall catalog. So, I guess this book really is going to happen!


Stalin said...

congrats from all of us!

(Stalin, Josie, Toodles, Ping, Pong, and Nefi)

erik hogstrom said...

That's exciting.
After it publishes, you should buy a villa on some island. I think that's what most of the authors have done.

Ellen said...

Yeah, Dad! Way to go!

klcomaha said...

Good luck Brian! Your hard work will pay off.

Brian Cooper said...

Thanks to all. The genuine moment will be when any details and loose ends are addressed and the book is actually printed. But this is a fun step. As far as buying that villa on an island, with this project, I think we're talking about a pup tent and a weekend pass at Riverview Park campground.