Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch Your Head!

I've selected a new comic strip to replace The Boondocks, whose creator is going on sabbatical next week.

The choice is “Watch Your Head,” distributed by Washington Post Writers Group. It starts on Monday, March 26. I'll let the publicity materials describe the new feature:

"Watch Your Head" chronicles the lives of six students attending Oliver Otis University. The strip is told largely through the eyes of Cory, a freshman who’s academically brilliant and socially awkward, especially with girls. His first friend at Otis U. is Omar, a recluse who some suspect is tied umbilically to his computer. Quincy, Omar’s friend (and therefore Cory’s friend by default), seems primarily to be studying women and fun and rarely has a serious moment. Kevin is a foreigner times two—one of the few whites on the predominantly black campus, and Canadian to boot. Robin is the object of Cory’s crush, the woman who leaves him befuddled and tongue-tied. And Jason is Cory’s roommate and polar opposite.

Here is a link to some samples of the new strip.

This change is occurring because Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks, decided to take six months off from the comic strip while working on other projects. Whether the Telegraph Herald will resume The Boondocks upon McGruder's return will depend largely (entirely?) on readers' feedback.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you balance your comic offerings with the strip, "Mallard Fillmore"? Even the liberal Houston Chronicle runs it. What's the matter? Afraid of being laughed at? After all, many of Mallard's good barbs sink in sore spots with liberal editors like you.

Greg said...


Anonymous said...

Greg, nope, just a TH subscriber who sees more that the left side of the world.

Brian does look like Mr. Noseworthy from Mallard Fillmore, too.

Anonymous said...

Mallard Fillmore isn't funny. Just mean.
Watch Your Head isn't funny.

Greg said...

If you say so :)
I still don't see how "Watch your head" is furthering the liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...


Maybe if you took a step back you may realize that the whole comic section has a leftward tilt. Doonesbury is often not funny, yet it is a staple of the left. Boondocks wasn't funny but often mean if not racist, yet it found favor here. What doesn't find favor are strips that uphold middle class values or even poke fun at the media establishment as Mallard Fillmore does.

I still think Brian Cooper is a walking, talking copy of Mr. Noseworthy.

Greg said...

I see what your saying. I'm not very familiar with Mallard Fillmore. Personally, I would be happy if Family Circle got the axe.