Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ready for Samurai Sudoku?

Since I am the editor who introduced Telegraph Herald readers to Sudoku, and helped put on the recent "Solving Sudoku" seminar, the puzzle comes up frequently in my conversations with readers. Some misinformed individuals occasionally ask me for advice.

An acquaintance who came into Dubuque recently from Europe shared with me a puzzle appearing in The Times of London: Samurai Sudoku. As the photo of the page shows, the puzzle is five interlocking Sudoku grids, to be solved as one complete puzzle. The newspaper even suggests that players complete the challenge in 30 minutes.

I think I have a headache.

Don't look for the Telegraph Herald to introduce Samurai Sudoku anytime soon.

The Times also has a Killer Sudoku. The grid has no numbers. Instead, it delineates certain cells with dotted lines and tells the player that the numbers inside the dotted lines total a designated sum. Players are then to enter the numbers themselves and make the Sudoku come out correctly.

I think I have a migraine.

By the way, The Times offers interactive puzzles on its web site. Enjoy!

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