Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's vicious

Saturday night found us back at Mississippi Mug, the coffee shop/bar on Bluff Street near Fourth, for the return engagement of Sid Vicious and the Human Resources. The band -- if you can call two guys and a pinch-hitting drummer a "band" -- features a couple of guys I work with at the Telegraph Herald building, M.D. Kittle and Sid Scott. Matt is a senior reporter covering business, and Sid is our corporation's vice president of human resources. In the photo, that's Matt on guitar and Sid on keyboard. The guys decided to get together again after playing an impromptu jam at a retirement party at the TH. They play a wide range of numbers, including old-time rock (ie, Peggy Sue) to the Rolling Stones to Dylan. A week ago, they rocked the house with their version of "The Wheels on the Bus." (You had to be there.) I don't think they will give up their day jobs any time soon, but they have a lot of fun -- and so do their colleagues and others in the audience.

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